Nien Tai Printing

FSC™ International Certification
(License Code:FSC™-C153086)

Nien Tai Printing takes good care of the earth’s resources with you. Focusing on details, large or small, we make efforts to use environmentally friendly and non-toxic soybean ink. We try our best to play a good role in corporate and social responsibility!
Nien Tai Printing was certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) CoC Certification in 2019 and became a supplier of FSC products.

Forest Stewardship Council?

Forest Stewardship Council, in short, is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization established to promote the sustainable management of the world’s forests.
The wood products (including paper) of FSC. are forest-friendly products.  
For example, IKEA, B&Q, Home Depot all continue to use FSC. Wood.  For example, users such as HSBC, Xerox, choose to use FSC. paper.

When it comes to environmental protection, it’s good to use recycled paper. Why use FSC paper?
  1. Recycled paper is most suitable for use on cartons and newsprint. Other high-level products are difficult to manufacture, which may cause secondary pollution.

  2. If recycled paper comes from deforestation, it can only slow down the decline of forests, but FSC can ensure the sustainable management of forests.

  3. If the paper used in the world is replaced by recycled paper, the recycled pulp will disappear in a short period of time, because the paper can only be regenerated 5 to 6 times. So there should always be new pulp added.

  4. The percentage control of recycled raw materials of recycled paper can’t be fully controlled like FSC, so in early 2008, there were 24 paper mills in Japan, 17 of which had falsely reported the percentage of the use of pulp in recycled paper.

  5. Is there any other certification for sustainable forest management?  Yes, there is. However, no one like FSC. is independent and recognized by environmental groups.

This article is taken from:
Taiwan FSC. (Forest Stewardship Council) promotion blog (Unofficial)

FSC.International Certification for Nien Tai Printing

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